Saturday, 20 April 2013

'Every child is my child'

CHATT members visited the Fikelela Children's Centre to meet children living with and affected by HIV.

We heard from one of the carers that the motto at the centre is 'Every child is my child'.

The children are extremely energetic and beautiful and we totally loved holding and playing with them! The boys and girls’ ages range from about 6 months to about 8 years. They are supported by a loving and committed team of carers who work with social workers to ensure the children receive their treatment, access additional health and social services, and are placed in long-term foster homes or, where possible, re-united with their families.

There are many challenging issues both for the children and their carers. As CHATT, we are proud of our relationship with Fikelela and look forward to continuing to support them as much as we can.