Saturday, 10 June 2017

CHATT Review Meeting 2017: A call for a greater focus on gender violence

CHATT held its review meeting, which takes place every two years. We discussed our external environment in South Africa, reviewed the activities we have achieved in the past two years, critically examined what went well and what we could do differently and agreed on our key activities over the next two years.

CHATT will continue to focus on tackling stigma (against HIV, TB, sexual minorities, disability), chatting with congregation members and connecting people with information and resources. In addition, following our review meeting, CHATT will increase our focus on gender violence. This is a critical issue for us - violence against women, children and in relationships. It is a silent, neglected, pervasive and very complex issue. We are challenging ourselves to understand it better and to act on these critical issues in our Cathedral and in our Cape Town community.